South Dakota Partners depends on teams for its success.

news-section-inventory-teamInventory Team

More than 100 collective years of experience make up this team, which includes receiving, stockroom, and shipping functions. Day to day, members of the team receive raw materials, organize and manage inventory, assemble carts, do kitting, pull jobs and work orders, load and unload trucks and more.  Their professional manner results in a more than 98% inventory accuracy rate. Employees on this team are cross trained so they can help out where needed.

The inventory team has a can-do attitude and pride in their company.  “This is our company. Our products help people, and we enjoy the flexibility and variety of work.”

news-section-production-electrode-teamElectrode Production Team

Responsible for manufacturing 14 SKUs (iontophoretic electrodes), this team cuts, mixes, tests, and buffers materials.  They conduct hand assembly and use automated equipment to assemble and package electrodes into boxes for shipment.   Driven by quality and team work, they are constantly improving processes with the goal of becoming self-sufficient.

news-section-purchasing-teamPurchasing Team

Our purchasing team buys everything needed to operate and build products for customers.  We manage about 80 suppliers and 1100 part numbers while negotiating costs and keeping inventory at appropriate levels.  We incorporate kanban and vendor managed inventory (VMI) to help keep inventory low; over the past four years we’ve successfully reduced our inventory dollars from nearly $9 million to $5.1 million, much of this by building great supplier relationships.

One of the joys of working for a smaller company is helping out where ever they are needed, and this team is especially effective at doing that.  In addition to purchasing, they are the company’s unofficial party planners!  They’ve also pitched in to make parade floats and make lunch for employees.

news-section-production-electronics-teamElectronics Production Team

The electronics team works on surface mount and selective soldering machines. They perform through-hole soldering on some 15 different PCBs, and assemble head units used in physical therapy. The team also assembles plug & play modules that are accessories to the head units. The electronics team boasts more than 100 years of service collectively. The team works like a well-oiled machine. They are cross trained to quickly shift and change work depending on what’s needed. They enjoy the flexibility to work in different areas, the commitment the company demonstrates to their families, and they look forward to growing the company with new products.

news-section-quality-teamQuality Team

Quality team members are passionate about ensuring the highest levels of quality during inspections, on the production line, and at service and repair. They help facilitate new designs by working on installation, operational, and process qualifications. The team is proud of their ability to meet tight production schedules without sacrificing quality. All team members are focused on cross training; this helps them quickly respond to manufacturing challenges. Team members are dedicated to growing the business so the company can hire new employees and provide more jobs in the area.

news-section-repair-service-teamRepair and Service Team

The Repair and Service conducts cleaning, troubleshooting, and repair all returned devices. Specific responsibilities include receiving and shipping returns out, evaluating suspected injury devices, and reporting findings to regulatory. They also maintain several different devices that are used for demonstrations and educational purposes. Repair and Service team members wear many hats; they are a tightknit group laser focused on the customer and dedicated to customer satisfaction. Their hope with the PPI partnership is to grow the business by earning more new customers, creating new jobs, and partnering with new companies.

news-section-admin-groupAdmin and IT Team

The Administration team functions include HR and facilities, customer service, finance, and IT. The four members’ can-do attitude is critical because they often help each other out, learning new tasks and taking on additional responsibilities when needed. The HR and facilities person is responsible for staffing, payroll, policy implementation, benefits, and maintenance of all facilities. Customer service answers phones, assists customers and places orders. Our finance team member carefully manages financial transactions and reporting. IT assures all computers are working smoothly so customers receive service and products in a timely manner. The admin team is eager to help grow the business by bringing on more new customers and supporting other teams as they build new products.

Engineering and Production Support

With nearly a century of collective work years among them, the five members of the Engineering and Production Support team are experienced and all about quality. The team is responsible for developing, sustaining, and evaluating manufacturing-related activities. This includes new product quotes, assuring consistent, accurate documentation, designing work cells, and fabricating tools and fixtures. They also handle equipment acquisition, support, and repair.

Because of their expertise working with equipment they are able to take in products built outside the plant and rework or repair to extremely high quality standards. The team has designed and implemented several custom automation processes to replace labor-intensive processes throughout production. They are also experts at completing prototypes and first runs within days of contract. The team’s tight-knit work environment, “all hands on deck” mentality, and frequent recognition of good work done by everyone truly set this team apart.

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