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A Proven Approach to Electronics Quality Control and Testing

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South Dakota Partners is certified to several electronics quality control standards, including ISO 13485 and IPC-A-610. We are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical device manufacturer.

Our Team Members Are Committed to Quality at All Times

Our product quality teams ensure all of our products meet or exceed rigorous quality and safety standards. The participants in these teams include production, engineering, purchasing, and other areas as required. The teams meet monthly to discuss quality trends, material issues, and supplier information or issues as well as to review manufacturing processes. South Dakota Partners also uses small focus groups from the same departments to address day-to-day issues found during manufacturing or inspection. We can provide product quality information to each customer.

About Our Electronics Quality Control and Testing Capabilities

In addition to maintaining rigorous quality control standards on our own processes and production, South Dakota Partners offers a full line of electronics quality control testing solutions for our customers to mitigate risk, improve product performance, and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Safety Testing — Hi-Pot, Leakage Current, and More
  • PCBA-Level Testing
  • Functional Testing — Component and Product
  • Environmental Storage and Transport Testing
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Testing for RoHS Compliance
  • Automated Dimensional Verification for Testing and Measuring Raw Materials
  • Cycle, Strength, and Pull Testing to Assure Lead Wire Durability
  • 3D Optical Inspection
  • Burn-In

Reduce Risk and Improve Quality with South Dakota Partners

Whether you’re looking to address a recurring quality control issue or are looking for a quality-focused partner to manage electronics manufacturing for your organization, our team is ready to assist. We’ll work closely with you to develop a program that meets your goals now and for the long term.

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