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quality-functionalboardtestingSouth Dakota Partners is certified to several quality standards, including ISO 13485 and IPC-A-610. The company is registered with the FDA as a medical device manufacturer.  Product quality teams assure all our products meet or exceed rigorous quality and safety standards. The participants in these teams include production, engineering, purchasing and other areas as required.  The teams meet monthly to discuss quality trends, material issues, supplier information or issues, and review manufacturing processes.  SDP also uses small focus groups from the same departments to address day-to-day issues found during manufacture or inspection.  We can provide product quality information to each customer.

Quality processes include:

  • Safety, PCBA and functional testing
  • Environmental storage and transport testing
  • X-Ray Fluorescence testing for RoHS compliance
  • Automated dimensional verification for testing and measuring raw materials
  • Cycle, strength and pull testing to assure lead wire durability

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