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Secure Your Supply Chain with a Reliable Box Build Assembly Manufacturer

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Are Your Box Build Assembly Manufacturer Suppliers Struggling to Meet Your Needs?

Whether you’re producing consumer products, medical devices, industrial electronics, or any other type of electronics solution, the realities of today’s world are likely hitting you harder than ever. And if you’ve been looking for a box build assembly manufacturer, you’ve undoubtedly spoken with companies facing just as much difficulty as you have been.

This is because electronics manufacturing service (EMS) companies have been hit particularly hard by the ongoing supply chain shortages and labor issues facing virtually every other industry. This is due to their unique position in the center of a multidirectional supply chain. They rely on material suppliers in order to create components and must simultaneously maintain certain levels of production in order to meet demand from downstream companies and customers.

Despite this, your organization most likely still relies on third parties to produce products and components and to meet the seemingly ever-growing demand. And if you’re relying on such partners for box builds, that reliance is all the more critical. Because of that, what’s needed now more than ever is a stable, proven box build assembly manufacturer that can step in where others fall short, provide best-in-class service, meet your industry’s quality and compliance requirements, and deliver exceptional box builds not just upfront but also on an ongoing basis.

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How We Can Serve as Your Anchor in a Turbulent Time

Resilient Supply Chain

The South Dakota Partners team has developed and continues to maintain strong relationships with only the best, most proven raw materials and components suppliers. In each of these relationships, we continually monitor their supply levels and organizational performance — ensuring they’re able to meet our material needs and thereby support your electronics program.

As your box build assembly manufacturer, we’ll work with you upfront to understand all aspects of your program and then ensure the suppliers we bring to the table to see it through will be able to do so both immediately and for the long term. And because our electronics manufacturing equipment and processes are in-house, we will be able to keep production moving forward efficiently and consistently while remaining nimble enough to adapt to changes as they arise.

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Experienced Team with Proven Processes

Our team members are some of the most experienced, talented, and committed you’ll find in this industry. While there are a number of box build assembly manufacturers around the world that you could choose for your program, including low-cost online solutions, none will deliver the level of quality, problem-solving capability, and work ethic that you need to deliver exceptional products to your end-users.

Part of this is due to our location. We are located in proximity to some of the best technical colleges and major medical institutions in the country. Additionally, South Dakota itself is burgeoning with opportunity and talent. Another component in our success is the fact that we empower our team members to make decisions that will lead to the best possible outcomes for our clients. If there is an aspect of your box build, such as with a part or design, we’ll work with you to identify a more efficient, durable, or cost-effective solution. Often, this results in stronger product performance, lower production costs, and even reduced warranty claims.

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Complete Box Build Assembly Manufacturer Capabilities

In addition to our strong team, proven production processes, and resilient supply chain, one of the greatest advantages of working with South Dakota Partners as your box build assembly manufacturer is that we can mitigate risks across the full scope of your operations.

Our capabilities mean you can rely on us for virtually every aspect of your box build — manufacturing the components, assembling each device, kitting them for distribution, testing them for quality, managing distribution and logistics, and taking care of rework and repair needs. By working with our team, you reduce your exposure to financial, supply, and operational risks that could derail your business, cause service setbacks, and reduce customer satisfaction.

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Let’s Develop a Program That Positions You for Lasting Success

With decades of industry experience, a fully equipped facility, and a relentless commitment to the success of your program, South Dakota Partners is the box build assembly manufacturer you’ve been looking for to reinforce your supply chain and harden it against future risk.

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