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Medical PCB Assembly: Advantages of Outsourcing

consider outsourcing your medical PCB assembly needs

Today more than ever, it’s important for organizations to consider their medical PCB assembly process.

The ongoing pandemic and supply chain challenges have put medical device companies in a tough spot — chip (semiconductor) shortages, extensive patient backlogs, and other needs mean manufacturers, product distributors, and their healthcare clients are facing tough times ahead.

Devices such as ultrasound equipment, defibrillators, patient monitors, and countless other systems are in high demand as an aging population, climbing rates of chronic illness, and COVID-19 cases continue to keep hospitals and clinics running at or above capacity. Because of this, manufacturers trying to keep up with demand or expand their production capabilities should take this opportunity to consider their approach to medical PCB assembly.

Printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) are a core part of medical devices, but not every organization has the ability to manufacture them in-house, assemble them into a complete medical device, conduct quality control testing, and provide repair or rework services.

Working with PCBAs requires a high level of technical expertise combined with the efficiency to process a number of small components with extreme accuracy. As a result, organizations are often competing for the trained and certified talent that is capable of producing quality PCBAs. And if one company isn’t able to bring these technicians aboard, their production is impacted.

Case in point: Learn how one organization needed to partner with an outside service provider for PCBA assistance as a result of increased demand for its products.

Outsourcing this function to a medical PCB assembly partner is rapidly becoming a proven way to maintain or even accelerate production. Although it may seem daunting at first, considering the importance tied to PCBAs, there are many benefits to outsourcing. By working with an organization that specializes in medical devices, and already has the talent in-house to tackle any project, you can have the freedom to focus on other strategic efforts and investments while catching up with rising demand.

Partner with South Dakota Partners for Medical PCB Assembly

South Dakota Partners has been supporting medical device companies and organizations in multiple other industries with their electronics manufacturing needs for years. When it comes to electronics manufacturing, we can build your medical PCBs or assemble the entire product from start to finish and according to your specifications.

One of the key advantages of working with us for medical PCB assembly services is that our team will always identify opportunities for efficiency — both in your supply chain and in the design of your products themselves. For example, we recently helped a medical device manufacturer make slight adjustments to their product that resulted in a massive reduction of warranty claims.

Get the full story: Read the case study to learn how our technician developed a simple solution that cut down on repair/rework needs and improved product performance.

Of course, manufacturing is just the beginning. As your medical PCB assembly partner, we can help you assemble your product and provide a complete kit that helps your customer get started with your device sooner. We provide this service for virtually every customer, managing your parts in-house so your team doesn’t have to and eliminating delays. We can prepare the kits and provide them to you to send off, or we can manage fulfillment entirely on our end — whatever works best for you and produces the best results for your business and customers.

Go deeper: Learn more about the benefits of partnership for medical device assembly.

But even the most efficient electronics manufacturing, assembly, and kitting services are entirely ineffective if the products themselves don’t perform reliably for customers. To that end, we offer a full suite of quality control services and testing. We can test and validate the performance of PCBAs themselves (as well as the completed product), conduct safety testing, evaluate performance in different environmental conditions and during transportation, ensure compliance with various industry standards, and much more. And to back it all up, we as an organization maintain several certifications and compliance standards — giving you complete peace of mind in our performance and that of your medical devices.

Quality comes standard: Learn about our quality control commitment and capabilities.

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Whether you’ve been looking for a more reliable partner or are just beginning to explore your options for improving the performance of your medical devices or internal processes, our team is here to help. Our strategic location ensures access to highly trained talent, and we can develop a flexible program that works best for your timeline and budget. From the start, our focus is on mitigating the risks in your supply chain — helping you deliver your critical medical device solutions to the organizations and patients that need them most.

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