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How a PCBA Electronics Manufacturer Ensures Reliable Production

PCBA electronics manufacturer

Now is the Time to Make a Change for the Better

It’s no secret industries that rely upon electronics components are experiencing more difficulty than ever in getting the components they need to complete their products. The well-documented shortages in raw materials and labor along with increased demand for various electronic devices over the past two years have put companies and suppliers alike in difficult positions. Myriad other problems have arisen as a result, including:

  • Extreme production delays causing service issues
  • Excess production capacity for companies waiting on materials
  • The inability to sell to new customers due to hefty backlogs
  • Suppliers being forced to move to support other products/industries
  • Established customer-supplier relationships coming to an end

Now more than ever, it’s important to work with a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) electronics manufacturer that not only meets your existing production needs now but also has developed the internal processes and supplier relationships required to keep supporting you 18 months down the road.

This need for a strong PCBA electronics manufacturer comes at a pivotal time, with industry trends pointing to the adoption of more advanced PCBA solutions to support growing demand for everything from high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs and boards with higher power capabilities (such as for electric vehicles and solar panels) to flex boards for greater resilience and readily available as-is commercial solutions.

Get the guide: Download a copy of our guide to choosing the optimal electronics manufacturer.

How SDP Can Support You Now and in the Months to Come

At South Dakota Partners (SDP), we proudly work with a number of manufacturers across multiple industries to help them mitigate risks around their supply chain while delivering exceptional products and solutions as their PCBA electronics manufacturer. If you’ve been dissatisfied with a current partner, are looking to enhance an existing manufacturing process, or are looking to launch a new product this year, there are a number of reasons to consider partnering with our organization.

  • We’re more than a manufacturer. We’re a solutions finder. — Whether it’s an existing electronic device or an entirely new design, there are always opportunities that can improve performance or reduce costs. Sometimes, even minor tweaks can have long-lasting results. When customers of medical device company Oska were causing issues that prevented their devices from powering on, our engineering manager identified a low-cost solution to what was rapidly becoming an expensive problem. As a result, Oska has enjoyed a reduction in its medical device warranty rate by about 70% year-over-year between 2019-2020.
  • We compress your timelines with end-to-end services. — Serving as your PCBA electronics manufacturer is just the tip of the iceberg. SDP offers complete solutions for your production needs, including kitting and assembly services, a variety of testing and quality control options, extensive rework and repair capabilities (warranty and non-warranty), and inventory and distribution programs. Our goal is to help you get your electronics devices produced, in the right quantities, built to exact specifications and quality standards, and in customers’ hands faster. Explore our full suite of services here.
  • We work how you work. — When it comes to managing the production of one or more electronics devices, following specific processes and using established tools simply makes everything work more efficiently. To that end, one of the key advantages of using SDP as your PCBA electronics manufacturer is that we use our customers’ systems. These include Oracle, Salesforce, S2K, Agile, and others. This enables us to integrate more deeply with your organization, serving more like another department and team rather than an outsourced partner.
  • Quality governs all that we do. — Electronics is a heavily regulated industry, particularly when it comes to medical devices and consumer products. At SDP, we adhere to a number of different quality control and industry compliance standards that include ISO 13485:2016 (quality management system for medical devices), IPC-A-610 (an endorsement/certification governing quality control and reliability for electronics assemblies), and the FDA (we are registered with the FDA due to our specialization in medical devices). Learn more about our commitment to quality.

Experience a New Approach to PCBA Electronics Manufacturing

Now is the time to partner with an organization that can help you lessen the impact of today’s supply chain challenges. Your customers and industry partners need your products more than ever, and we’re ready to help you meet that growing demand and continue delivering on your promises. Built on decades of electronics industry experience, SDP today serves multiple industries with particular expertise in the medical devices market. We specialize in electronic devices, medical devices, full electronics box builds, and more.

As your EMS partner, we’re committed to helping you design, produce, test, and distribute only the best in electronics devices. But beyond that, we’re dedicated to mitigating risk across your supply chain — enabling you to increase profitability, reduce production time, improve product quality, and more. Ready to work with a proven PCBA electronics manufacturer that will deliver proven processes and strategies for your company and customers — now and for the long-term?

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