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Quality Control in Electronics Manufacturing

Whether you’re producing small electronic parts for medical devices or more intricate components for large-scale industrial systems with complex box builds, one thing is certain: quality is everything.


With multiple factors from the board level up to the finished product itself all contributing to overall performance, it’s essential to follow rigorous standards for quality control in electronics manufacturing. But currently, this is just one of many challenges facing companies producing electronic devices and systems.

In today’s complex supply chain environment, the pressure is on for manufacturers to keep up with customer demand and deliver on time (in many instances, ahead of time). But with significant reliance on foreign materials, this is becoming harder and harder. Over the course of the year, lead times for electronics components have spiraled out of control. In Q3, the Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISM) noted that lead times for electronics components were the highest measured since 1987.

While you must still adhere to quality standards from your customers and the industry, this ongoing pressure for materials and components (to say nothing of the increased costs of doing business nowadays) means quality control in electronics manufacturing might not always be top priority — especially when the clock is ticking closer and closer to when a customer order is due and you’re still short on materials and staffing shortages mean existing teams are already working long hours to keep up.

How South Dakota Partners Approaches Quality Control in Electronics Manufacturing

At South Dakota Partners, we’ve built our business to solve these key challenges for our clients. Quality control in electronics manufacturing is a core aspect of our service offering, and we’ve implemented the reliable systems, controls, and processes needed to ensure that the products you entrust to us are efficiently manufactured, repaired, tested, and shipped on your timeline. Let’s explore a few of these advantages.

We Follow Industry Standards and Compliance Requirements

South Dakota Partners adheres to a number of different quality control and industry compliance standards.

  • ISO 13485:2016 — This covers the quality management system for providing medical devices and related services that meet consumer and regulatory requirements. South Dakota Partners maintains this certification as an organization.
  • IPC-A-610 — More formally named the Acceptability of Electronics Assemblies Endorsement Program, this endorsement applies to organizations that are responsible for the quality and reliability of electronics assemblies. At South Dakota Partners, our personnel are IPC trained and certified.
  • FDA Registration — Organizations involved in the production of medical devices are required to register with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Due to our specialization in medical devices, we maintain this registration.

We Offer Multiple Testing Solutions

Ensuring your products and components are functioning is another example of our quality control in electronics manufacturing. We offer a comprehensive line of testing services to identify potential issues before they become costly problems and to reduce your overall risk. These include:

  • Hi-pot, leakage current, and other safety testing
  • PCBA-level testing services
  • Component and product functionality testing
  • Environmental storage and transport testing
  • X-ray fluorescence for RoHS compliance
  • And many more types of testing to support your goals

We Only Work with the Best Suppliers

Another key consideration when it comes to quality control in electronics manufacturing is ensuring the right suppliers are involved. Because we offer electronics manufacturing, assembly and kitting, quality and testing, and aftermarket service for medical devices, industrial electronics systems, and more, we understand how essential it is to work with trusted suppliers that can deliver the parts and components needed for your products.

That’s why we’ve built relationships with companies that have proven themselves time and time again and consistently deliver the materials we need to build or service your products. More importantly, these suppliers have been carefully vetted by our team for quality. When you partner with us for your electronics and PCBA needs, you can rest assured that your products will be manufactured or serviced with the best.

Go deeper: Download our guide on what to look for in an electronics manufacturing partner.

We Manage the Entire Process

In addition to manufacturing and servicing PCBAs and other electronics, South Dakota Partners also handles how those products are handled and distributed. As mentioned above, our team handles assembly and kitting for many of our customers. Our talented, certified team puts your products together, ensuring not a single component is missed and that the end product is functioning and ready to go. We also create kits for products that will be assembled by your customers. And whether those products are being shipped locally or internationally, our team can help you select the right distribution method for your goals. We maintain inventory traceability as well to ensure complete oversight.

Entrust Your Quality Measures to South Dakota Partners

Whether you’re managing quality control in-house or are looking for a reliable solution for quality control in electronics manufacturing, South Dakota Partners is ready to assist. Connect with us today to learn more about our quality capabilities and how we can reduce the risks commonly found in electronics manufacturing for your business.

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