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packaging is one of our pcb assembly services

At South Dakota Partners, our PCB assembly services and kitting support make life easier for you and your team. Gathering the various parts and components needed for the assembly of a specific product — whether it’s a medical device or some other product — as a kit is a core strength for our team.

We can perform this value-added service for almost any customer, reducing the time taken in processing parts, downtime for assembly lines, and machine downtime. As a result, you and your team are able to focus on more strategic and higher priority tasks that increase revenue and make the most effective use of your capabilities.

While our packing equipment is most frequently used for medical devices, we are open to many other uses. We can put the components and parts of your products together to send to you so you in turn can send kits along without extra work. Your customer receives the kit in a timely manner and with all the required components included, increasing their satisfaction and strengthening their relationship with you.
the assembly of an electrode as part of our pcb assembly services

Our Assembly and Kitting Services

South Dakota Partners offers a full suite of electronics and PCB assembly and kitting services that include:

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South Dakota Partners has proudly been supporting numerous companies with their PCB assembly services and kitting needs. With decades of experience in supporting multiple industries, South Dakota Partners is the electronics and PCB assembly services partner you need to maximize productivity, mitigate risk, and reduce costs. Our team consists of highly trained and certified technicians that understand your products and work efficiently to support your assembly and kitting goals.

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