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We’re your all-in-one printed circuit board assembly services resource. Learn how we can help mitigate your supply chain risk.

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Our Services & Capabilities

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printed circuit board assembly services
Electronics Manufacturing

We offer a full range of contract manufacturing capabilities for printed circuit board assemblies, medical devices, box builds, and many other electronics products as well as advanced technology and service solutions.

printed circuit board assembly services
Assembly & Kitting

Our printed circuit board assembly services and kitting save time and hassle for your team, minimize equipment and assembly line downtime, and ensure you’re able to focus on more strategic priorities while meeting your goals.

printed circuit board assembly services
Quality & Testing

We are certified to several quality control standards, including ISO 13485 and IPC-A-610. We also maintain registration with the Food & Drug Administration and can support your electronics quality and compliance testing needs.

printed circuit board assembly services
Rework & Repair

Our expert technicians provide cosmetic, functional, and board-level repairs and rework following IPC standards as well as technical reports and analysis for medical device problems, performance issues, and validation requirements.

printed circuit board assembly services

With domestic and international shipping, inventory management and traceability, consigned inventory, and logistics support, we’re the printed circuit board assembly services partner you need to keep your products moving.

Expertise in Action: Learn how we’ve helped drive results for our clients.

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Industries Served

We partner with organizations in multiple industrial- and consumer-focused markets to help mitigate supply chain risk, supplement existing capabilities with our decades of expertise, and ensure quality electronics and devices. Just some of the many industries we serve with our printed circuit board assembly services include:

  • PCBAs
  • Box Builds
  • Medical Devices
  • Digital Instrumentation
  • Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

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