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Extending Capabilities with an Electronics Fulfillment Company

learn the benefits of working with an electronics fulfillment company

Your Customers Demand Speed and Flexibility — Can You Deliver?

Whether you’re a medical device company, consumer products provider, or an industrial organization working with electronics, you’re undoubtedly facing a number of challenges in keeping up with customer demand. As supply chains continue to struggle, the need for key commercial and consumer goods only continues to increase. Today more than ever, it’s critical that you work with an electronics fulfillment company that can help you meet those needs.

A key example comes from the digital instrumentation industry. During the pandemic, consumers developed new or expanded spending in certain interests due to less spending on travel, dining, and other expenses. As a result, some electronics manufacturers saw a dramatic increase in demand for their products. To keep up with that demand, it became clear that they would need to shift some of their production and other functions to outside partners.

Another example comes from the medical device industry. As global challenges press on and cases of the pandemic continue to spring up worldwide (among other health concerns such as an aging U.S. population), the need for medical devices that are ready to go from the moment they’re delivered — either to medical facilities or to end-users — is growing exponentially. Many providers have found strategic value in shifting key responsibilities to third parties to take advantage of their flexibility and to maximize their output.

Whatever your market sector, if you’re designing, producing, and shipping electronic devices, demand is only going to continue increasing. Here, we’ll explore a few reasons to partner with an outside electronics fulfillment company to make the road ahead a bit easier to navigate.

5 Advantages of a Third-Party Electronics Fulfillment Company

1. They Expand and Free Up Your Capacity

It’s plain and simple: you just might not have the ability to meet current demand levels. As orders come in, moving them from production to shipping and final delivery may be too much for your existing team to handle. You may have even had to turn away orders. Those that you were able to produce might be delayed due to a lack of capacity for kitting, assembly, and distribution. Working with a third party shifts some of the workload off of your plate, allowing you to catch up. That partner effectively becomes an extension of your team, fulfilling your electronics devices how you want while adding their own capabilities and expertise into the mix to drive greater value.

2. They Offset Talent-Related Issues

Beyond production, every company today is facing new and unique talent challenges. Finding the best people, and retaining them once they’ve been hired, is harder than ever. Companies are competing for talent to fill specialized roles with deep experience in electronics, so winning the talent you need will be both costly and time-consuming. Shifting to an electronics fulfillment company for support with production and order management means you start working with an established, highly skilled team that’s already in place. Not only does this save valuable time on the talent front, but it ensures that you’re able to hit the ground running right from the start — avoiding other delays due to training and onboarding.

3. They Help You Refocus on Strategy

During complex times where the growth potential is strong, it’s important that you and your team focus on the right customers and opportunities. Your organization can achieve its strategic goals by doing what it does best — not taking every opportunity that comes in (as many were forced to do during the pandemic). Partnering with an electronics fulfillment company ensures a variety of elements of your offering are under complete control while you take a step back to catch up on your backlog, build the ideal target customer profile, and develop your go-forward strategy to capture and grow opportunities in those areas.

4. They Expand Your Capabilities

One of the key benefits of working with an electronics fulfillment company is that fulfillment is typically just one of many capabilities they offer. At South Dakota Partners, for example, we function as a one-stop shop for all electronics manufacturing needs — from production, testing, and quality control to repair/rework, assembly and kitting, and distribution. These capabilities add on to those of your organization, allowing you to take on more high-value work and grow your organization. They also help to mitigate risks. For example, if your in-house production team is focused on a larger order, production for other orders can be shifted to your partner to help you meet deadlines and maintain service levels.

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