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Need a More Reliable PCBA Contract Manufacturing Supplier?

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Whether you’re involved with consumer or industrial electronics, you’re already well aware of how complex and challenging the current supply chain climate can be. Imbalances in supply and demand, shortages of various components and materials, and other difficulties are keeping companies on their toes — particularly when it comes to working with the right PCBA contract manufacturing supplier.

Just as with many other types of suppliers, finding a company with a reliable, established team as well as the capabilities and follow-through needed to help you maintain your production has likely been difficult. Labor shortages have impacted numerous manufacturing industries, reducing the capacity and capability of companies’ teams.

As a result, companies are seeing extensive lead times (that are subject to further extension at any time), reduced product and work quality, and increased costs. While some industry experts have started off the year expressing confidence that the electronics industry is beginning to stabilize thanks to acceleration of new technologies and automation in factory settings, many others are still concerned.

What matters now more than ever is working with a PCBA contract manufacturing supplier that can deliver the electronics components you need consistently, accurately, and with the value-added services that create the supply chain resiliency you need to grow.

3 Reasons South Dakota Partners is the PCBA Contract Manufacturing Supplier You Need

We Have Great People Ready to Work on Your Program

A company is nothing without its people. At South Dakota Partners, we are strategically positioned both geographically and in how we operate to be the PCBA contract manufacturing supplier you need to grow. Being headquartered in South Dakota, we have access to one of the fastest-growing workforces in the country — the unemployment rate has been dropping steadily over 2021. We are also located just 30 minutes from the top-rated technical college in the nation and only a few hours from the Mayo Clinic — both of which give us access to some of the best technical and medical workers.

Additionally, our employees are empowered to make decisions and drive results for our customers. Learn how one technician was able to identify a significant cost-saving solution for a medical device client here. The last thing we want is to create hold-ups as your PCBA electronics manufacturing supplier. This advantage coupled with our access to some of the brightest electronics talent, ability to retain experienced workers, and operate using our productive Midwestern work ethic means you can take confidence that we’ll be here to support your electronics needs.

Learn more about us and what we believe in here.

Our Extensive Capabilities Make Us a One-Stop Shop

Our portfolio of capabilities in electronics manufacturing, assembly, kitting, quality control, rework and repair, and distribution runs deep — allowing our customers to entrust a significant portion of their electronics needs with us alone. This simplifies the need to find multiple partners to handle different aspects of an electronics or medical device program.

For example, we can assist in the design and production of electronic devices, PCBAs, box builds, and more. We offer surface mount technology, selective and hand soldering, environmental storage, 3D optical inspection, no-clean processing, and more. But it doesn’t stop with manufacturing capabilities — we also offer die cutting, ultrasonic welding, mechanical assembly, electrode manufacturing, and assembly and kitting services. The result is that our customers are able to mitigate a variety of supply chain challenges while also dramatically reducing costs and lead times.

Learn more about our capabilities here.

We Have the Follow-Through Your Program Needs to Succeed

Last but certainly not least, in addition to assisting you with electronics manufacturing and assembly and kitting services, we maintain the utmost commitment to quality — both for ourselves and for the devices and products we produce. Internally, we are ISO 13485:2016 registered for providing medical devices and related services. And because of our specialization in medical devices, we are also registered with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration — ensuring quality in every medical device program. Our team members are also IPC-A-610 trained and certified for electronics assemblies.

Learn more about our commitment to quality.

And while we’re dedicated to delivering on time, we understand that you have commitments to customers as well. That’s why we offer complete distribution capabilities that include inventory management programs, consigned inventory, traceability solutions, and various shipping solutions (single shipments, LTL, and FTL) both domestically and internationally. When you work with us as your PCBA contract manufacturing supplier, you’ll have complete oversight into where your products stand at all times — both in our warehouse and when they’re on the road to their next destination.

Ready to Increase Reliability with a Proven PCBA Contract Manufacturing Supplier?

South Dakota Partners is ready to work with you on your next electronics device program. We understand that this is a challenging time for many manufacturers that are experiencing increased demand or difficulties with their existing supply chain partners. As your PCBA contract manufacturing supplier, our entire effort is focused on reducing supply chain risks and costs — enabling you to accomplish more, better serve your customers, and grow your business. If you’re ready to explore your options for the road ahead, reach out to us. We’ll show you the South Dakota Partners difference firsthand!

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