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Reduce Risk and Improve Quality with Electronics Box Build Support

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Understanding Electronics Box Builds

An electronics box build is the methodical construction of a wide variety of devices and systems by an experienced electronics manufacturer.

The box itself can take a wide range of actual shapes depending on the enclosures, materials, industry requirements, and performance needed for your product, but the end goal is the build-out of a fully functional electronics device that is ready to be kitted or shipped to a customer for use. The advantage of an electronics box build service is that all aspects are managed by an experienced electronics manufacturer versus tackling the process in-house.

It’s no secret that countless industries are struggling with supply chain challenges. Having to manage multiple suppliers, the materials themselves, and the process of an electronics box build yourself only creates more complexity and risk. Coupled with the fact that finding and retaining the right talent is becoming harder and harder means the value of partnering with an established company for support can’t be overstated.

As part of a complete portfolio of electronics manufacturing services, South Dakota Partners (SDP) offers electronics box build support to help you maintain sales and service to your customers. As your EMS, we’re dedicated to reducing your exposure to financial, operational, and service issues associated with supply chain inefficiencies, late delivery, and poor quality.

How We Ensure Excellence in Your Box Build

Upfront Planning

The key to a successful electronics box build is gathering and analyzing all of the details about your program upfront. We’ll need your bill of materials, unit dimensions and weight, wiring specifications, assembly drawings and diagrams, testing requirements, and any other special requirements or details for the final product. We will walk you through the process step by step and will be available to answer any questions you might have to ensure your electronics box build is a success.

Manufacturing Excellence

SDP is a premier electronics manufacturer supporting multiple industries with electronics box builds, PCBA needs, industrial electronics, and more. We utilize a variety of surface-mount selective soldering equipment and technologies as well as electrode manufacturing, optical inspection, controlled storage, and other automated production solutions. Whatever your box build entails, we offer the equipment, skilled technicians, production design, and process control needed to deliver excellence each and every time.

Learn more about what makes us the ideal manufacturer for your needs.

Quality and Testing

At SDP, quality comes standard in every program. We understand the stringent demands that are placed on device manufacturers, which is why we maintain RoHS compliance, offer IPC-A-610 certified technicians, maintain ISO 13485:2016 certification, and are also registered with the ​​U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical device manufacturer. Our product quality teams conduct functional testing, safety testing, PCB-level programming, storage testing, and multiple other types of verification for various needs. When you work with us for your electronics box builds, you can rest assured that you’re receiving only the best service and manufacturing support for your products.

Learn more about our approach to quality assurance and testing here.

Complete Kitting Capabilities

If your devices and equipment are part of a kit of products, we are happy to manage the assembly and kitting of those components on your behalf. Allowing our team to tackle this work for you enables your team to focus on more strategic priorities while we handle everything from mechanical assembly, die-cutting, and ultrasonic welding to physically retrieving components on-demand and packaging them for distribution to your customers.

Explore the advantages of using SDP for your assembly and kitting needs.

Fulfillment and Distribution

Whether we’re kitting your electronics box builds into a single bundle or simply managing the distribution of completed devices to your locations, our fulfillment and distribution capabilities ensure your devices are where they need to be, right when they need to be there. We can manage the distribution of products in virtually any configuration, from smaller packages to pallet-sized shipments, both domestically and internationally. And to give you peace of mind in knowing that your products are being properly managed, we offer inventory traceability solutions and even consigned inventory. It’s all backed up with expert logistics support to ensure production and distribution operations continue to flow smoothly at all times.

Learn more about the distribution services we can provide to simplify your life.

Take Your Electronics Box Builds Further with SDP

Whether you’re looking for a box build partner for a new product line or need to reduce risks associated with current partners that are underperforming, SDP is here to support your success. With decades of experience, finely tuned operations and processes, reliable suppliers, dedicated work teams, and more, we’re the EMS solution provider you’ve been looking for.

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